Yoga week and ITERA

After a gruelling session with my physio on Monday we concluded that I may have an isssue with the tendon at the top of my calf. This meant a week of rest with some yoga and stretching thrown in to stay active, as long as there was no pain. Today is Thursday and you won’t believe it, I have listened to my orders and am just finished my thrid yoga session of the week with absolutely no other training. I think this was due, not to mention I had free time this week, very weird I must say. Check out Ali Kamenovas classes below for some top class yoga/core sessions. I swear by her sessions for anyone that runs or bikes in particular, as there are loads of poses specific to glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors and of course balance throughout.

I have referred to these yoga classes in posts in the past and feel they are well worth another mention.

Tomorrow I return to the gym, a light session on the bike and maybe a tiny bit of running to test things out. I expect all to be good but now is not the time to rush back either. A little bit of swimming may be the way to go.

The big news this week is that we are nearing entry to the ITERA expedition race 2016, part of the world series adventure racing calender. We have put together an international team, with two Kiwi’s coming on board to add experience and endurance to us Irish speed merchants. Exciting times ahead and a serious goal is now set for 2016. My first multi day race and boy am I going to have to dig deep to train and learn how to get myself through this one. As I see it I love team sports and I love adventure racing, so why not compete in an adventure race on a team! I will go into more detail for what is involved once the final decisions are made on entry. Until then it is time to get moving again and try sort out these winter niggles.




Fear, Distance and Yoga

A bit of a mixed bag in my head tonight but I thought I’d share a few thoughts. Check out the podcast below on the fear of failure. There is more than likely know body out there that has not experienced this. I really enjoyed this podcast. Fear of failure comes in many different levels. We experience it in sport at the elite level and at the very beginning in many different forms. When I started racing I wondered could I finish or what might happen, now I know I can finish but I fear I will let myself down. I feel that the more pressure you put on yourself the more fear is experienced. The best races I have completed were those where I was relaxed with some pressure but only enough to keep me on my toes.

On a slightly different note , check out this web site . Yoga based poses explained , many of which will relate to your own training. It explains the muscles we target with each pose/stretch. I try to add as many yoga poses as I can to my routine stretching. I just need to make more time for yoga as I believe it can really help in all sports and life in general.
I ran this evening, my first long run in a while. In total I covered 21km in 1 hour 38 minutes. Reasonably slow but that was my aim. I have trained at speed a lot over the winter this year and feel the next few months I might throw more endurance in the mix. I listened to some more trail runner nation podcasts on the run tonight about 200mile races. It has me thinking endurance !  Time is not easy to find for longer sessions during the week but hopefully the weekends will prove more worthwhile. Next race is in March so a few good weeks training and il be on track. A slight glute/abductor strain has me a little curtailed this week but I’m feeling good after some more top work from my physio Patrick Kearney. 

Training Kicks Into Gear

Last week was another week away with work on a training course so I only managed two runs during the week and a short spin on bike on saturday along with a soccer tournament during the day. I continue to do a few hours yoga every week also, and I have to say I am feeling the benifits. It was probably the perfect rest week, in terms of physical rest anyhow, and I have launched myself back into hard training this week. The only problem is I don’t really have a goal race. I am planning a big holiday in July to Canada and that means my races in June will have to take a back seat. The cost and time involved in races in Kerry and Donegal would leave me with very little cash or time for work leading up to my trip. This all means the chance to try a few local races in the coming weeks and I plan to try a few 10 k races as well as a half marathon in June all going well. Anyhow that is the news, however boring it may be.

I really believe in the motivating factor of an event or goal and if I slacken off while the going is good it will only leave me with a lot of work to do when I return from Canada. The advice I have received from experienced adventure racers is to always have a goal race, and maintain focus on that race in training.

I went for a 45km spin on bike today, mainly to try out my new aerobars, the cheap ones, and I have to say they were excellent, especially when battling into the wind.  I threw in a 6.5km trail run in the middle to make the most of my day off work. After a 17.5km progression run yesterday it has been a good start to the week. A progression run for anyone wondering is a run where you gradually increase the pace and finish as strong as you can. A good indicator for race day really.

Right time to go here and stop my wandering post, the cats are looking for some food !

Sickness and Health

Last week was a busy one. I am not complaining at all, as busy is good, but by Saturday evening training and everything caught up a bit and I finally got hit by a cold. I must admit it was a little more than the usual man flu that goes around! It has taken a few days to get through but I hope to be fit for the IMRA (Irish Mountain Running Association) race next Saturday. A 25km run in the Wicklow mountains.

Before I got ill I had a nice training session on the hills near home with Emma.


Check out the great weather, as spring finally arrives in Galway!

Last weeks training went well, with some physio and yoga thrown in. This week will be more a battle to get fit for Saturday, but I intend on getting there.

I am lucky enough to get advanced kayak training at work and hope to share some exciting white water videos with you later in week. Maybe a little more adventure to my recently quiet blog.  For now it is time for more lemon and ginger tea and another early night to help the body heal.

Check out this short core session I tried recently. Ali Kamenova has some really tough short yoga/core workouts that can be perfect for before or after a run.

A little mishap

I had a minor ankle twist last night at soccer training ( once more soccer proves my nemisis). I was hoping to run an 8km race on Sunday, and may still be ok, but it has curtailed my training a few days. This, in one way , may be just what I need. I haven’t rested up for more than a day in a long time and I think it is time to focus more on recovery. Another form of recovery for runners and adventure racers is yoga, something i hope to gradually do more often. It will help my flexibility, strength and most importantly help focus the mind on the training and plans ahead. The link below is to an excellent podcast on yoga for runners.

Sage Rountree is a proven athlete that swears by yoga as well as it being so important to recover from the hard sessions we put ourselves through.

I find it is often in times of injury that I get a chance to reflect on the training I have been doing and look into changing my training as I progress. It is so important to realise that as we get fitter we need to rest and recover properly but at the same time not slacken off too much when we want to continue to improve. Getting this balance right is a very individual thing and I am still learning about myself. The best advice from my experience is to listen to your own body and don’t try to train exactly like some elite you heard about. or an exact plan you read about last night.

For now it is off to the physio for a look at the ankle, then into the sea tomorrow for some natural icing and a good bit of rest thrown in there somewhere as well!