On the bike

Due to my annoying ankle I decided to do minimal running the last few days and do some decent work on the bike. I think things are going to plan and I am starting to enjoy the bike a bit again. All tri-athletes and adventure racers tend to have a sport they enjoy more than the others. For me it is running and I have always needed to work more at the bike while maintaining all round fitness to plod my way through the kayaking. My advice when you are struggling with a discipline is to try to change up the training a lot. A good example of this is to go for a long slow cycle, then a short fast one, and the next session hit the gym for a bit of spinning. The worst thing with hard training is monotony therefore variation is key. I have attached the link to my recent training sessions. Unfortunately my garmin seems to be constantly acting up so I am down to manual imput. A lot less exciting if you like your stats!


I have a couple of races lined up over the next few months. mostly sticking to running and mountain races for pre season. Here are a few links to these events.

Annacurra mountain run, Wicklow


Gaelforce Sky Run


Wicklow way trail



Friday to Monday Rain

I have been away from my laptop a few days so my blog has had a little break. I took a long weekend which included some rest after a good run Friday and then a soccer match Sunday. A mix of emotions during both activities. The run was in my favourite training spot of Castlehackett where I can get some hills into my legs. There was wind, rain, sleet and even snow at the top as I ran around the 3km loop three times never to see another soul. I felt I had braved the elements to get a good session in and even though it wasn’t so nice taking part I had that nice post training feeling!

All in all the last two weeks have been steady but I have taken good breaks and think I am ready for some tougher challenges in coming weeks. The clocks go forward on saturday night so lots more light for training and getting out on the bike in the evenings. A few bike run bike sessions needed now and a good training plan before my next big race on the 26th of April. The WAR or Wicklow Adventure Race. It is a 72km race, one of which I haven’t tried before but can’t wait to give a go.

Today I recovered from match and did a good 90 minute session in gym. A good warm up “skipping”, stretch, core, kettlebells, 10 minutes run, 20 minutes spinning, 10 minutes run, warm down, shower and out the door ! Phew!

Recent run can be seen below.



Barna Loop


Just a quick spin on the bike today followed by some core and stretching. This cycle is a nice short route to work on speed with a few little uphill drags thrown in. My plan for the week is to take it relatively easy and fully recover from the flu of last week. Next week, all going well, will include longer and tougher training.. I may get a hill session over the weekend.

Plan is for 7 weeks of training in the lead up for Wicklow Adventure Race. A 72km course with 2 mountains and a tasty amount of hills on bike !! Fun times ahead !