A little reading.

I have read a few interesting bits and pieces of late.


This is a very simple but accurate guide to what to pack when hitting the hills. I intend on getting a few long hikes and trail runs in this winter and these are some essential ideas.


This link shares alot of my experiences. I am addicted to fitness and training and when I get injured I will find any way possible to try and train. If I have an ankle injury I will be on the bike. If I cant do that I will try some weights. This article gives us an idea of the limits we should push to when injured. A recent Runner Academy podcast relates to injury also.


This one talks about how we need to find a pain threshold that we can tolerate. If there is inflamation or pain after training or the next day, then it is time to rest more and think about some rehab. The no pain no gain theory is starting to fade a little but at the same time it is possible to train through a little pain. This podcast is a little crazy at times as Dr. Lehman pretty much advises us that there is no need for warm ups, stretches etc. I am not sure yet if I agree with it fully.