Article: Aim to Finish Strong

Aim to Finish Strong

A good article and guide to finishing stronger and adapting workouts to finish on a high point. 

Podcast Running

An excellent podcast I listened too on my long run yesterday. The details of my run are below on garmin stats. I reckon this guy has some great insights into training and alot of experience in coaching under his belt. My favourite part is how he swears by running most sessions below your max heart rate and how he wants us all to cut sugar and flour from our diets. He also hates the word “diet” , which is something I really agree with.

19km Road Run Sunday

I decided it was time to step things up a bit and went for a run with some more seasoned and faster runners this morning on the road. Up at 7am and on the road to Clarinbridge where I met my friend and 4 lads he trains with. We hit the road through the fog and into a light steady breeze. A nice steady pace aorund the 4.30min/km was set and we slowly increased this to 4 min/km. I would not be up to the race pace of these guys yet, but I held my own all the way on this training route and even felt good enough for a chat at times. It was great to get the distance into legs while learning about these runners experiences and what it is like to run and train only for running. Now all I need is to make this a regular session and I intend on joining a running club in the area to meet more of these like minded people. All in 19km in 1hour 20 minutes. As I have talked about in posts before, adventure race training can be very lonely at times and these kind of sessions will be good, both for bringing on my running and meeting other runners.

The coming week will be harder with my training plan commencing, As always I will do my best to stick to it. Link to todays run on garmin below!