Thoughts on Injury and more Sleet

I decided recently that it is time to once and for all sort out my ankle problems. They have been really good the last few years and I think the adventure racing has helped but I know the weakness is still there and I intend to sort that. Every little twing taken away is another chance to improve. I started going to physio once a week and after only three weeks I already feel an improvement. It also focuses the mind on sticking to particular exercises. The clip below is a great example of exercise for anyone interested in strengthening an ankle.
An up and coming physio friend of mine shared this quote with me tonight. It sums up injury quite well and relates to old injuries I have suffered.
“There’s no separation between the experience of the central nervous system and the function of memory in the body. The experience of the past has been fixed and retained by the neurons firing at that precise moment. Every muscle, nerve, and tissue participating in that experience has been affected and will ‘remember’ in its own fashion.” -Stokes and Whiteside
So I hit out for my run tonight after a few minutes reading these quotes. I find it hard not to think about injury but really appreciate that when you train the right way and do the right things, injury comes less often than before. I ran the first 8km into sleet and rain tonight, not to mention a gale force wind! Exilerating stuff but not really the most fun. The next 11 km were far more enjoyable with the conditions at my back. I maintained a steady speed and enjoyed it as much as was possible on such a crazy night. The fun of winter in the West, but then again it is great to get out.


Injury test spin

A 20km spin on the bike this afternoon to test injury out. The good news is all was well. It seems the abductor muscle is not that important on the bike and I should be able for a few tougher cycles over the next few days.

Weeks rest (not including one 16 hour shift at work!) should stand to me in training over next few weeks. Sometimes I think the body tells us to rest with injuries. Lets hope I can fit in some good sessions between now and the 10th of May. Connemara here we come !


The Invisible Body Image Issue That Millennial Men Need to Know

An interesting clip. As an adventure racer being built like a tank is rarely in your mind. However, I often get comments about losing weight and looking thin. Mainly due to alot of cardio training. I think its how strong and fit you feel in yourself that’s most important.