A scary word, injury

I spoke last week about fear and how we experience the fear of failure. Fear of injury is another experience all athletes have. So, the question is, is it all in our heads? Well to be honest this is not in my head, it is in my right leg and it doesn’t feel like fear!

I have been training well the last two weeks but running has been awful. I managed to play some football but prolonged running is causing something at the back of my knee to flare up, stopping me completely in my tracks. It may be some tendonitis, an overused muscle or many more things. I will have physio again tomorrow to figure out the issue. I trained at a good intensity, staying away from running all week and after 2.5km of slow running yesterday it flared up again. Anyone have any ideas or experience this before? I am probably in need of a rest. I haven’t been killing myself training but there comes a time when the body says slow down and I feel this is mine. A few days doing very little is probably the best tonic.

I have experienced lots of injuries, especially while playing football over the years, so this is nothing major to worry about. I also think that every injury tellsus more about how we work, how to treat an injury and it will also pinpoint weaknesses that may need extra attention.

Here is a shot out on the bog yesterday, in the middle of a snow shower. It was a nice morning on the bog with the dogs. It was also most likely a factor in causing my leg to flare up again, as the ground was extra soft. This is a typical West of Ireland, January shot though. We might see the sun again soon, you never know !


As for my recent training, it has looked something like this,


The answer to my question above lies in the training calender, I may need to rest up more !!


Rain, Wind and Rain = January

As my blogging would have been a little on the boring side, I decided to hold back on the blog a little of late.  Training has been good apart but I have been confined to alot of indoor training and lets be honest it really isn’t that exciting. I really believe we can all benefit from training indoors and if that weather really is crazy, don’t just skip training because of it !

This is the current weather in my part of the world. Ireland is under that rain somewhere and Hurricane Rachel is just off our shores, Storm force 11 and 12 winds forecast with gust up to 150km/hr possible.


Thankfully tonight is my rest night. I had a good hour long physio session after training last night so the rest is welcomed anyhow!

The last weeks training is summarised in the link below. The Garmin site has been acting up and my watch is not downloading properly, but it gives an idea of latest efforts.