Weird Weather!

A couple of good outings the last two days with an 11km hill run yesterday and some spinning after, then a 18km road run this evening. What is most confusing is the weather. Heavy rain, wind and flooding one minute, followed by clear skies and even warm weather the next. It is impossible to know what to wear heading out! so tonight I put on my running tights and an extra running top due to stormy conditions outside. 5 minutes into the run the sun came out and before you know it I was swallowing flies running along by a lovely calm river! Good old unpredictable Ireland. On the up side my running seems to be still improving, especially these distance runs which are easier than I was expecting. Hoping to knock out a few miles on the bike over the next few days and give the legs a little rest from all the pounding. time now for some homemade apple crumble and a nice cup of tea.

Stats below from the last few days .


Arranmore Football and Running

Photo: Arranmore 2014

A great weekend with friends.

This annual event on Arranmore island in Donegal, basically a country of it’s own has become an annual event for me since 2008. I have made lots of friends and always feel so welcome on the island. This year I finally got the chance to run a lap of the island with one of the group, Ollie Mullins, that competes at a high level in half marathons. He aims to some day represent Ireland at masters level. We were knocked out of the football in the group stages therefore we decided to delay the time in the pub and complete this 11km.amazingly scenic run of the island. I wish I had a camera with me but some day this would be an ideal place for an adventure race. Not only hilly, boggy and scenic for running but the majority of roads are tarred and the biking could be fantastic. I have attached a map of the run below and hope to get a hold of a few more photos.

We travelled the 176 miles home this afternoon all in agreement that this annual event will continue to happen for many a year. Thanks to Jerry and Pat early for their incredible welcome as always and see you soon again !

West of Ireland

Orange alert: Coastal flood warning as 130km winds set to sweep country (via
This has been the ongoing story this winter in the West. There is no doubt it interferes with training and all sports. Wrap up well everyone and wait for the winds to pass before venturing out!
I’m just in from a few hours shooting with the dogs on the bog. Great exercise and fun for both me and the dogs!!  Weekends training will develop mostly depending on the weather!