Turbo charged.

My first race of 2015 approaches on the 7th March.


I feel I haven’t really got enough training on the hills under my belt but these turbo sessions will benefit as the adventure race season arrives.

Here are a couple of links to some short intervals sessions. I did these two tonight. I had been out all day today in miserable weather conditions and decided more turbo training work before the Arsenal match tonight was the way to go!

Gaelforce North, 1 week away

A week tomorrow to my next big adventure. A trip up to Donegal for a race that went well last year and I hope I can improve on my time this year.


Training has been good all week, apart from a little niggle in my hip while running. Hoping the foam roller will help. Today was a good brick session, with a 6km run thrown into my usual hilly 45km cycle. Possibly the hardest session this week was the interval running on wednesday. Intervals never get any easier. I just keep telling myself it is short term pain for long term results, or something like that anyhow!

This weeks training can be seen in this link.



Twelve Ben mountains last Tuesday.

Portugal! Relaxation, sun, sea and a little training thrown in!


This is a little snap of my training route while on holidays. Not bad! I reckon beach running has serious benefits and I tested out barefoot running, soft sand running, cliff running and a little road running too. It was interesting to mix it up on so many different terrains. I trained morning and evening to avoid the heat, although most sessions were still at 24 degrees or so. I did some heavy sessions and some intervals mainly working on my speed. It was great to see so many others using the beach for runs too.
I will update my garmin stats for the trip tomorrow. And hope to add a few more photos.  A few busy days ahead with work, the race in Leenane Saturday and a cup semi final in football Sunday to top it all off!