Ah, it is nice to blog again

Yes I am finally blogging again. My apologies to anyone who enjoys the odd post here. To say the least it has been a crazy few weeks. I did, however, manage to fit in a few runs and cycles as well as a new purchase! Photos to follow on this one. A second hand Cannondale rush MTB. A new hobby in the making.

The highlight of the past few weeks was the Croi Cycle for charity. A loop cycle of 120km around Lough Corrib. Myself and a colleague decided to take part and it turned out to be a really enjoyable day. The cycle leaves galway with thousands of cyclists heading anticlockwise around Lough Corrib. The weather was fantastic. The only real moment of madness was when my friend David’s phone went flying while on a 57km per hour decent. Not a scratch on the phone and I really have no idea how!

I was really happy with my own fitness on the day and enjoyed some speedy group cycling which I rarely encounter in my own training. The different shapes and sizes of bikes and people on these charity cycles are incredible with every fitness level and every type of person all getting together for a common goal. To finish and have fun!


Just after the halfway mark we head for the final drag before turning for home at Maam Cross.

And finally, the finish and a big congrats to David who had, as he put it “never been so unprepared in his life for an event”


Training has been going well around work and sleep of late. I am taking part in an 85km cycle on Saturday and I hope to do a 10 mile run in Galway the following weekend before hitting the skies for Vancouver for the month of July. I hope to get lots of running in over there and more than likely take part in Gaelforce West after I come home.

Now as it is my afternoon off and the sun is out I think a quick interval session and then relax and soak up the rare occasion the sun comes out on this little island!


Thursday session



2 interval and short fast runs in renville yesterday followed by 30 minutes spinning in gym. Details in above links. I was feeling a little tired today so I think a days rest is in order tomorow with something light saturday. Sunday will involve either 8km race or a soccer match depending on how things work out.

Speed training and the week so far.


An interesting training method. Most have heard of interval training and combining low sessions and then high intensity sessions into a weeks training. The idea of training with someone else to suit low or high intensity training is a good one. The link above is worth a read.

After a good cycle Sunday, to de-cobweb the bike more than anything, it was back in the gym yesterday. 20 min TRX, 10 min core, 25min spinning (hill/sprint intervals) and a fast 5km on treadmill (16km/hr) and I felt I had put in a  good session. I’m resting up a bit today with just soccer this evening and look forward to a longer run tomorrow . I’m testing my new watch and it will be interesting on the long, less intense run tomorrow to see how steady my heart rate might be.