Back to Business

Sorry for the lack of posts since Thursday but I twisted ankle on my last run before Achill race and was a little annoyed for a day or two not to mention needing a bit of time to decide where to go from here. Luckily it was only a small twist and I am recovering well. Unfortunately though I feel it is linked to my return to football and I have made the decision to quit playing the sport I love so much, for a while at least. A recurring injury can be incerdibly frustrating and I feel it is time to focus on my racing a little more. I will manage some coaching to keep in touch with football.

As of yesterday I started a new training plan focusing on cycling, running and hopefully fitting some kayaking in somewhere. I intend to increase my endurance while still working on power and speed. This will take discipline, alot of training and hopefully enjoyment too. A fun road ahead.

I started slowly yesterday with a gym session and hit the road today for a reasonably long low intensity cycle . 54km of coastal cycling. I have a link below to the stats. A basic plan is to get some low intensity training in with a long run and a long cycle during week, combining this with strength work in gym. Then a hard session on bike and hill running at the weekends. I will post a more detailed training plan soon. This may help those of you out there interested in new personal records in adventure races and similar events.

I recently started listening to a podcast, which alot of you may of heard of, called running academy. I have a link below but there are some good casts, including one by Matt Fitzgerald on 80/20 training. This is training at low intensity 80 percent of the time and high intensity for 20. I intend on giving this a shot to see how it works. My training to date has not included enough low intensity distance work. If you train at low intensity more of the time it means you can then put everything into those short hard and fast sessions. A theory at least, but I reckon it could be a good one!

Busy week but a break ahead !

Apologies for the lack of blogging this week. It has been a busy one, both at work and training. I have come to the conclusion I need to rest today and tomorrow ahead of a soccer tournament all weekend. I tried to train at a high tempo from last Saturday through to last night. All went well up until my body started to shout last night and I had to drop the intensity down a notch. My weeks training can be seen in the link below. All in all I am happy with how things went. An interesting race awaits in Dingle Saturday week. Next week will be less intensive and more about maintaining a good frame of mind before the race. All in I covered about 25km running and 65km on bike. Not a long distance but mostly at a high tempo. Some of my stats are off a bit, due to Mr Clever here pressing stop and forgetting to press start again at traffic lights and such major obstacles!

I will post some food pictures for any chefs out there later. I also hope to get some nice island photos over the weekend and maybe fit in a hilly island run before I come home !!

A Rainy Wednesday

Another Wednesday low intensity run today. I averaged out at 4.29min/km for 15.30km as can be seen below.

It was an awful evening with heavy rain and very bad visibility on the road. A big section of this run is on side roads near the city, meaning lots of traffic and also meaning I spent alot of time dodging floods, being soaked by passing cars and enjoying the odd jump into a muddy drain, just to make things interesting!

It has been a good week training wise since the race Saturday. A gym session Monday with spinning and running speed intervals and a good TRX and core/stretching session thrown in. A similar but less hectic session on Tuesday followed by some soccer training all went well.

Another fast race awaits on Saturday next with the Cong Cunga duathlon, taking place in Cong, Co. Mayo. There will be a strong field but I really just want to use it to work on my speed and as a different kind of training. It consists of 5k run, 20k cycle and 2 k run. Not my usual endurance and more of a sprint.

Time to cook now and get ready to watch Ireland play Serbia in a soccer friendlie, so feet up for the night!

Tonabrocky Run-Low intensity Wednesday

Training route on Garmin

An average 4.24min per kilometre today. A steady pace where breathing was easy and I enjoyed myself. Another mid week long run and I am starting to comfortably add some distance to my running. I find after a few years of trying to run 5-10kms fast that these longer runs are very different for the legs but also very enjoyable at the same time. The plan now is for a rest over the next two days with some stretching/flexibilty and a bit of core work. Then its a 10km road race in Kinvara on saturday to try to dip under my pb of 36.40.

Speed training and the week so far.

An interesting training method. Most have heard of interval training and combining low sessions and then high intensity sessions into a weeks training. The idea of training with someone else to suit low or high intensity training is a good one. The link above is worth a read.

After a good cycle Sunday, to de-cobweb the bike more than anything, it was back in the gym yesterday. 20 min TRX, 10 min core, 25min spinning (hill/sprint intervals) and a fast 5km on treadmill (16km/hr) and I felt I had put in a  good session. I’m resting up a bit today with just soccer this evening and look forward to a longer run tomorrow . I’m testing my new watch and it will be interesting on the long, less intense run tomorrow to see how steady my heart rate might be.

Training and Warm ups

A very interesting article. One which I put to the test today while training in Castlehackett. I didnt warm up to the same intensity as I usually do and I was 2 hill climbs and 3km into my run before things kicked into place. I also found my muscles tightened quicker towards the end of the session as compared to times I had started with an intensive warm up. Any top runner or athlete will tell you that their warmup was intense, sometimes up to a third of race distance if in a short race ( up to 10km). Many of us will skip doing too much in the warmup as we don’t want to burn out but can pay for this through injury.

Tomorrow I hope to get back out on the bike. After a winter of gym, spinning and running it will be interesting to see how the bike goes.