Sheep Trails and Deer Antlers

I’m sure this title is a little confusing for many! It is, however, a good reflection of my run on the Western Way Trail yesterday. I went fishing for the afternoon and stuck on my trail runners to do a similar run on the trail as I had completed 2 weeks ago. I decided to veer off the trail early on and follow the bog and lakeshore to the base of the mountain before returning along the marked trail. As I ran through the bog my only secure footing was on the trails made by mountain sheep. It was incredibly soft and slippy ground but I feel I am improving on this terrain. The mountain is only a 25 minute scramble, but it is very steep, sometimes scarily so, and can be slippy under foot. The views from the top were incredible as always. On my return journey I spotted a very unusual object on the side of the trail.


Red Deer antler found on the trail. Amazing.

Red Deer shed their antlers (made of bone) in March and April every year and they grow back longer the next year with more points (tines) on them. The antlers can grow at a rate of an inch per day.

I completed a very tricky 17km in 1hr 45 minutes and was glad to hop in the lake for a quick cool down. I had caught dinner earlier so I cooked up a tasty brown trout when I got home.


Brown trout for tea.


The view from the boat mooring on the Gleann shore of Lough Corrib, Galway.