Injuries and Motivation for next Big challenge

As I put together my training plan for the next four weeks in the lead up to Gaelforce West I have stumbled on a few good articles. Il stick the links below!

I have been struggling over the last week to fall back into my training regime and along side this I have a hip pain that keeps on niggling. Was it from over doing it before Gaelforce North race or is it something else? The usual questions that flow through your mind during an injury. The good side of things is that I can still use the bike and short runs seem to be ok for now. It may pass in a few days with the right stretching and foam roller also. Alot of this is curtailed with crazy working hours over the last while and very little chance to get any routine. But there is never an excuse to train, just get up and go every chance!

For now I am going to stick a training plan together and complete it as best I can. I always think training plans are a guideline. anyone that can complete one exactly is doing well.

I have started with a brick session on Tuesday, a good gym session yesterday and the plan is for a low intensity run this evening before work. That should get me going and hopefully motivated to really give it a lash.

Any tips from those of you out there for hip exercises would be welcome. It seems to be my hip flexor but a pain that worsens with distance on a run.




Argentina and back to training

As the world cup is starting tomorrow, I had to give my prediction here! I’m going for the slightly outside chance of Argentina. They should be a very exciting team going forward and it is time for Messi to shine on international stage.

I managed a good gym session yesterday and just in from my 45km loop on bike now. Considering the race last Saturday it has been good to manage some training this week. I attached some links below. The first one is a good link to bike descending, something I am trying to improve myself. There are so many things to improve and work on, only more training and time will decide if I can perfect some of these.

Connemara adventure challenge official race report

Dingle adventure race official report

Back to training week

I am back to relative normality this week after a week of football and fun. Yesterday I completed a good hill session at my favourite Castlehackett and today a core and interval running/cycling session in the gym. The rain outside was torrential with thunder and lightning and severe flooding so the warmth of the gym was the only way to go. I have decided I will most likely sign for the Dingle Adventure race on the 7th of June so my training intensifies as of now!

You can follow the link above to follow the Dingle course. I have been told it will suit me as more running than cycling. Another run, a cycle and hopefully a session onthe mountains will round up this weeks challenges. Il fit my busy work schedual in somehow!!

Session yesterday can be seen below, a slight glitch over the first kilometre but my watch behaved after that.

Article: 8 Ways to Extend Your Long Run

8 Ways to Extend Your Long Run

Glad to read this article. It backs up some of recent training techniques. I’ve only had time for one long run a week. It is actually the most relaxing session of the week with pace nicely scaled back. The quote at end of this article is excellent!
Today was a long one with early start so gym for intervals and trx this evening, followed by soccer training in a while. Hoping to hit a few hills tomorrow as I’m taking a day off work. 

The 8 toughest races in the world – Telegraph

Maybe do one some day?!  I think I’ll stick to the shorter stuff for a while!

This week was broken with a stomach bug on wednesday. I still managed a few gym sessions and some soccer training to tick over. I’m hoping to hit the hills for a short run tomorrow and kick on from there next week. Two sicknesses in two weeks so it’s time to build that immune system up again.

Thursday session

2 interval and short fast runs in renville yesterday followed by 30 minutes spinning in gym. Details in above links. I was feeling a little tired today so I think a days rest is in order tomorow with something light saturday. Sunday will involve either 8km race or a soccer match depending on how things work out.

Knockma/Castlehackett hill training

Today was my first hill training session since November and it seems my winter in the gym and running on the road has paid off. At least today i felt good and the hills were fun. My GPS unfortunately didn’t work so i don’t have my splits, hill climbs and distance for this one but i did a good 55 minute session with 6 long hill climbs mixed in. Great to get back training in some wilderness, mud and slippery terrain. Lets hope there are plenty more good sessions like this one in 2014.

Wednesday in the mud!

I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 7.73km, time: 30:51, pace: 3:59min/km, speed: 15.04km/h.
I started with this run in Renville park which has suffered from recent monsoon type rain. This adds to the fun though. I then drove to gym as it was getting dark and did a 30 spinning session followed by some light stretching and a little on foam roller.
Unfortunately with work and light fading this time of year means more gym and less on the road bike.