Things to Think about

Here are some links to a few articles I have come across lately. Just an idea if any of you are really bored and fancied a few quick reads.

Some great tips here on gear for the longer adventure races. I recently fixed my own garmin forerunner watch so will stick to that until I’m rich and can afford a really decent one!

This link is another one of those barefoot running links. I reckon as I have mentioned in the past that it really does help to vary your footwear. In particular trying out some minimalist shoes for shorter runs. There is no doubt it has helped my posture in recent years and my stride and cadence has improved. It also helps the life of your runners to switch daily between different types.

This drone footage is of the Lower River Clare that flows into Lough Corrib. It is an area I cover for work but at the moment has re connected to the Lake during floods. There is an area just to the right hand side of this video where I have gone for runs in the past. It is now completely submerged.

On the bike

Due to my annoying ankle I decided to do minimal running the last few days and do some decent work on the bike. I think things are going to plan and I am starting to enjoy the bike a bit again. All tri-athletes and adventure racers tend to have a sport they enjoy more than the others. For me it is running and I have always needed to work more at the bike while maintaining all round fitness to plod my way through the kayaking. My advice when you are struggling with a discipline is to try to change up the training a lot. A good example of this is to go for a long slow cycle, then a short fast one, and the next session hit the gym for a bit of spinning. The worst thing with hard training is monotony therefore variation is key. I have attached the link to my recent training sessions. Unfortunately my garmin seems to be constantly acting up so I am down to manual imput. A lot less exciting if you like your stats!

I have a couple of races lined up over the next few months. mostly sticking to running and mountain races for pre season. Here are a few links to these events.

Annacurra mountain run, Wicklow

Gaelforce Sky Run

Wicklow way trail

Rain, Wind and Rain = January

As my blogging would have been a little on the boring side, I decided to hold back on the blog a little of late.  Training has been good apart but I have been confined to alot of indoor training and lets be honest it really isn’t that exciting. I really believe we can all benefit from training indoors and if that weather really is crazy, don’t just skip training because of it !

This is the current weather in my part of the world. Ireland is under that rain somewhere and Hurricane Rachel is just off our shores, Storm force 11 and 12 winds forecast with gust up to 150km/hr possible.


Thankfully tonight is my rest night. I had a good hour long physio session after training last night so the rest is welcomed anyhow!

The last weeks training is summarised in the link below. The Garmin site has been acting up and my watch is not downloading properly, but it gives an idea of latest efforts.

Podcast Running

An excellent podcast I listened too on my long run yesterday. The details of my run are below on garmin stats. I reckon this guy has some great insights into training and alot of experience in coaching under his belt. My favourite part is how he swears by running most sessions below your max heart rate and how he wants us all to cut sugar and flour from our diets. He also hates the word “diet” , which is something I really agree with.

Mixed Training

The last week I have tried to combine some hill work, with some strength work on the bike and fit in a little rest somewhere in the middle! The plan is to do the NUI Galway 8km run on Saturday to test myself at a different distance and work a bit on my speed on the road. My basic thinking at the moment is to mix up my training to keep things interesting for the winter. A combination of the gym, the road, the trails and the hills should work out nicely.  This combined with a few good hill sessions and a mountain or two thrown in and I should be able to bring my times down in Sea to Summit race.

What are peoples thoughts on these three books? Born to Run, Eat and Run, and Chi Running.

I really enjoyed Eat and Run and think I learnt alot from this book. The idea of diet being as important as Scott Jurek has made it is amazing. Born to Run is a great story but I haven’t managed to try bare foot running just yet. I plan on minimalist shoes soon and see how things go from there. I heard good things about Chi Running but have yet to read this one.

A few  sessions from the last week!

Mountains, Bike and Heat

A real West of Ireland training session today, apart from the weather. 25 degrees and sunshine! I decided to make the most of my day off and get a good bit of training in. I set off for the Twelve Ben mountains, 40 miles from Galway and threw the bike on the car to make sure I managed a bit on the bike today too. I arrived around 1pm, in some crazy heat but hit off with a plan to do 3 peaks and then a 30km  spin on bike from car to Clifden and back. I took a few videos as I went along and the session can be seen on Garmin link once more. The total for the hike, run and bog run finish was 9km, but man did it feel like alot more!

An evening of football is planned now, with Brazil v Mexico awaiting. First of all a dip in Galway Bay to cool down the muscles.

Enjoy the weather !!



Mountain times and some Football to throw me off track.

I finally got the chance to upload some stats from my mountain run last week!

I had a marathon football session yesterday between a match and then a 5 a side tournament. All in all I am wrecked today and a good rest evening is needed. No better time to reflect on some tough challenges ahead!

Next aim is to get some biking in this week and then a 10km race on one of the Aran Islands at the weekend. We are getting some great weather in the West for a change so I hope to make the most of it around a busy work schedual.

The Big race is Saturday week. The WAR wicklow adventure race. 72km in total. Followed by Connemara Adventure Challenge race 2 weeks later to get the racing season underway! Links below..

Paddies Weekend !

I had an almost alcohol free Paddies weekend as the world around me seemed to go crazy. Two drinks with friends on saturday night was as mad as I went! I made the most of a free Sunday to get a good cycle and a hill run in. Details can be seen again on garmin links. All in all, 64k on bike with a 6.4k run at the half way mark. I haven’t been training at this distance on bike and I felt I clearly need to do more long spins in coming months. Paddies day was a rest day, although I was working and moving house! Into the gym today for some core, stretching, and a spinning session. I had soccer training straight after. I find this mix of training is working well for me at the moment.The plan for the rest of the week is to get an interval or two in running and another long spin on the bike towards the weekend. It’s great to see more light in the day and the prospect of some decent training weather.


Hill training with friends

Back to a bit of hill training today at my favourite training spot pre mountain season in Castlehackett. I brought pace up a small bit today and trained at a higher BPM. It’s time to get back into hard training after recent set back with illness. I was very lucky to have the company of my girlfriend and two other friends today. Bumping into them along the 3 loops of the circuit was fun!

Have a look at the link above and the great things you can do with this Garmin site.


A Valentine’s Date

Back to Castlehackett for a date with the hills today! A good run considering the illness early in week. It’s nice to get my training on track after a minor set back. Nothing like running in a wood where you can see deer, jays, ravens and other rare wildlife and still have one of the best workouts in the West of Ireland.