All a bit under the weather

Sometimes, well quite often in Ireland we comment on the weather. I have to admit it has been a tough few months, even for someone like me that tries hard to ignore conditions outside. I think it’s the greyness, and the damp. But now it has once again gone too far and it just couldn’t stop raining.  

These were just a few photos I took at work this week but I can only imagine the hardship people are having where property and business        are being affected. My hardship only involved not being able to reach my running spots, or the fact that I picked up a bug and couldn’t train. Very minor details in the grand scheme of things. 

The weather is set to improve a little bit coming up to Christmas and hopefully coming into new year I can post about some fun runs. I plan to set out some training plan ideas for the beginner and try to spend 2016 convincing more of you to try an adventure race or two. For now I’m going to knock back my favourite anti bug catching drink and watch a movie! 

Warming Winter Infusion

  • Ginger (a slice or three)
  • Lemon (a slice)
  • Turmeric ( a teaspoon)
  • All in a cup of hot water

And one last tip for a sore or tickly winter cough. Try sucking on a clove . Serious fun ! Who would of guessed how a clove can numb pain. 


A Rainy Wednesday

Another Wednesday low intensity run today. I averaged out at 4.29min/km for 15.30km as can be seen below.

It was an awful evening with heavy rain and very bad visibility on the road. A big section of this run is on side roads near the city, meaning lots of traffic and also meaning I spent alot of time dodging floods, being soaked by passing cars and enjoying the odd jump into a muddy drain, just to make things interesting!

It has been a good week training wise since the race Saturday. A gym session Monday with spinning and running speed intervals and a good TRX and core/stretching session thrown in. A similar but less hectic session on Tuesday followed by some soccer training all went well.

Another fast race awaits on Saturday next with the Cong Cunga duathlon, taking place in Cong, Co. Mayo. There will be a strong field but I really just want to use it to work on my speed and as a different kind of training. It consists of 5k run, 20k cycle and 2 k run. Not my usual endurance and more of a sprint.

Time to cook now and get ready to watch Ireland play Serbia in a soccer friendlie, so feet up for the night!