Podcast Running

An excellent podcast I listened too on my long run yesterday. The details of my run are below on garmin stats. I reckon this guy has some great insights into training and alot of experience in coaching under his belt. My favourite part is how he swears by running most sessions below your max heart rate and how he wants us all to cut sugar and flour from our diets. He also hates the word “diet” , which is something I really agree with.



Over training or just bad luck !?

I suffered a second bout of a cold in the space of 4 weeks over the last few days. I was back in semi action today and managed a soccer match. Im reading “eat and run” by Scott Durek, at the moment. It is a story of an ultra runner. A fantastic book but it has me thinking about boosting my healthy eating even more. The extra training, good recovery and healthy diet has reduced my injuries and left me feeling stronger. Is there a limit though before we get run down ? Only time will tell.There is some good weather due in this week to help lift spirits and get back to normal training levels.