Away from Home


Thats me, the leprechaun on the left! Managed to pip this guy just at the line after a nip and tuck battle all the way around. A good run on a course I didn’t know and even a PB at 8km to add to it. I finished 8th place in 28.41. It was a great friendly event in Cork with huge crowds out to support and run.

I was working in Crosshaven, Cork all week so training was a bit all over the place, especially when I somehow managed 2 punctures on the bike on my first night, one of which involved a really big nail damaging the tyre! This meant I would stick to the less mechanical form of training for the week and slog it out with some road running. I got 18km in on Tuesday evening and then the race wednesday so happy enough. Back on the hills today and feeling good. The plan now is for a few more sessions before next weekends race “Connemara Adventure Challenge” and some rest a few days before it.

Apologies for the lack of blogging of late. The lack of routine and being away from home means I am a bit all over the place but hopefully I can get back on track this week.

Results from Wednesday!

Away from home

My job took me to Cork for the week. West cork to be more exact. I was on a course in Crosshaven village and stayed in Carrigaline. I decided to bring the bike along and fit some training in. The evenings were short and the weather was a little on the nasty side but I had fun all the same. On the first night I went for a spin on the hills along the coast and did a very hilly 26km followed by a nice yoga and core session. I hadn’t managed a spin on the bike at all last week so these hills were definately challenging. Wednesday was what we call a soft Irish day, and it absolutely lashed rain for my 14km run. I ran from carrigaline along the coast to Crosshaven on an old railway line, turned into a running track. A very scenic and extremely wet run! Thursday saw me hop back up on the bike and I went for a cycle to the town of Kinsale. Kinsale is a lovely port town further out the coast. I could feel my cycling legs returning on this session and hopefully with the long evening approaching there will be plenty opportunity for lots of cycles in the coming weeks.

Today I was back in Galway and myself and Emma decided to go for a run in the hills to freshen up and enjoy a few hours in the afternoon. We were very quickly stopped in our tracks with torrential rain. We managed 8km of very wet running before sprinting back to the car, frozen. I hadn’t worn clothes for these conditions due to the morning being pretty normal, but then again this is the West of Ireland and you should be prepared for the unexpected.

Garmin calender!