Time for women’s football to be recognised. 

I post here about an issue I feel strongly about. It has nothing to do with racing or adventure sport but everything to do with discrimination towards women in sport. 

For those of you that still laugh at Women’s soccer I hope you have watched the World Cup. It has been excellent. As a coach of a women’s team for years this issue is close to my heart. I have had comments about how it must be nice to coach ladies soccer, it must be easier and you get to see nice fit women. These guys that made these comments are totally ignorant to women’s football. During my years coaching I learnt that women work just as hard to become the best players they can. They have the exact same attributes of skill, strength and character as men do. It may be true in some cases that men are stronger and faster than women but this doesn’t mean the women’s game isn’t as good a sport or shouldn’t be advertised or followed in the same way as the men’s.  Women are exactly the same as men in terms of passion for the sport and this should be recognised. 

Anyhow I won’t rant for long but this article below is worth a read. I also advise anyone out there to make the time to watch the final between the U.S. and Japan, no doubt it will be a cracker.