Sunday Session

The weather has really changed over the last week and we are finally hitting some winter conditions. It is that time of year when I have no idea what to wear, especially when going on a brick session like I was today. In the end I settled for a tri suit, under armour on top and a cycling jersey. Perfect for the bike, although a bit on the warm side while running.

I trained on my usual course, with a 19km cycle from Galway , a 10km run through bog, hills and forest trails and decided to extend the cycle home to 38km. All in a ll a good session, although the wind was really tough in sections. As always the wind helped in other sections as well. This 10km bog run always varies in time from my best of 49 minutes to about 53 minutes. Today was just over the 50 mark so I was happy enough, having saved myself a little for the final bike leg. I fueled throughout on some high five gels and a Clif bar after the run.

This training took me around 3 hours in total, which I need to do at least once a week with Sea to Summit only 3 weeks away. The intensity is just below race pace, leaving a little in the tank if possible. In saying that the rest of my Sunday was very slow!

The three legs of this brick session can be seen in the stats below.


Cloosh cycle/run/cycle

I enjoyed this tough session today.  With a brick session in mind this morning I decided on a course I have only tried once before. It invovles a cycle from Galway out to Roscahill on the Clifden road, the a very hilly and soft bog run and summit run to the mast in Cloosh. Then a  descent on forest tracks back to the bike for the relatively fast spin home. All in about 2 hours 15 mins of training and I felt mostly good. My knee is still not 100% after the fall last weekend and my hip has been tight all week but we will battle on. A little rest now and lots of food before work again tonight. These late shifts take some getting used to but are fun.

I have posted the link once more below to the sessions today. Nice to actually remember my watch for once. Heart rate is still high but I am trying to train to the max at the moment so this is probably a good thing. Now for some food, or should I say lots !