Portugal! Relaxation, sun, sea and a little training thrown in!


This is a little snap of my training route while on holidays. Not bad! I reckon beach running has serious benefits and I tested out barefoot running, soft sand running, cliff running and a little road running too. It was interesting to mix it up on so many different terrains. I trained morning and evening to avoid the heat, although most sessions were still at 24 degrees or so. I did some heavy sessions and some intervals mainly working on my speed. It was great to see so many others using the beach for runs too.
I will update my garmin stats for the trip tomorrow. And hope to add a few more photos.  A few busy days ahead with work, the race in Leenane Saturday and a cup semi final in football Sunday to top it all off! 


Hail, Wind, Hills and Sheep Dodging

Biking Oughterard/Seanafeistin route.


I decided to tackle a few hills today so I started this 45km route from Oughterard up over hills down towards Rosaveel and back over the same route. It was a tough session with some awful hail showers along route. The course was dotted with sheep and lambs who looked at me as if I was fully nuts. I wasn’t as prepared as I usually am with gear and on returning to Oughterard I couldn’t feel my feet and my hands weren’t far behind!

The plan is to tackle this route a few times over the summer, however the road surface is awful and my bike won’t appreciate it much. My plan for today is to try a small run to test out the injury. My feeling is it is fine however I don’t intend on rushing back.

A little heat in portugal and some barefoot running on the beach and all will be well !