Wet and windy bank holiday weekend!

The last few days training were tough. I decided to push it, especially in my session today, and with weather conditions becoming more and more testing it wasn’t easy. It is less than two weeks to the next adventure race.  I plan to taper next week to give myself the best chance of beating last years times. (3.04 hours). I reckon it will be my last long race for a while as the off season comes around. The plan will be to bring down my times over 10km during winter and work of speed on bike as well as throwing in some longer trail runs when the weather isn’t too crazy. I will give the football a few months too, as I have missed it of late. It is possible to train in any weather but when there are mountains and tricky, technical trails involved I have to be careful too.

A snippet here about an irishman who ran 50,000km in the last 4 years!


My training over last few days can be seen in stats below. My 10km hill run was my best time on this course so far!