Welcome to a little insight into the life of a part time athlete in the West of Ireland. I hope this blog gives an idea what it’s like to train and race in this part of the world.

In the past football was always my sport while I loved to fish, shoot and run in my free time. Running and cycling were my way back from soccer injuries and they always helped me maintain a high level of fitness for soccer. I didn’t realise until my late twenties how I enjoyed the multisport training as well as the competition of racing.

About 7 years ago, after travelling around the world and suffering a few bad soccer injuries,  I decided to start testing myself with some triathlons and endurance training. It turns out I really enjoyed it. I knew very little about what I was doing but learnt from those around me and quite a lot of trial and error. After a few triathlons I realised I might enjoy the more rough and tumble of an adventure race so I entered Gaelforce West here in the West of Ireland. A 70km multisport race with road biking, mountain and trail running and some kayaking thrown in. I gave it a shot and made it to the finish and so I was hooked. It is very clear after a few years of these races that there is great camaraderie among competitors and that crossing the line is the goal whether in first or last place. I have made many friends along the way and have started to train in groups and enter races I would never of dreamed of entering a few years ago.

So after 5 years of competing in about 3/4 races a summer and training a lot I had finally broken into the top 5 in my last 3 races of 2014. In 2015 I placed 2nd in two multisport races and in November 2015 I won my first race at Sea to Summit. With the right mindset, determination and hard work anyone can do it.

I hope I can give a few insights into my training, racing, nutrition and ideas for the future on this blog and help any way I can. As I move from the multisport 3 hour races into the realm of endurance races, 24 hour and multiday races I hope to give some sort of an idea through my writing as to the ups and downs of all these different disciplines.



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