January, Cape Verde and 2020

wp-1579963228928.jpgI write this post as I near the end of a two week holiday in Cape Verde, Sal Island. A super place to spend the second half of January, a generally dreary sort of month back home. Average temperatures of 24 degrees this time of year and lots of vitamin D soaked up, along with some super running has me back to normal after a few tough weeks injury wise over the Christmas.

Always windy but warm on Sal

So the big question, 2020 and what it holds on an racing and challenging level.  My motto for the year is positive thinking as always, look to the future and have fun in the present, with some challenging days thrown in, for good measure!

Looks like Gaelforce Sky Run in March, now a skyline race. 22km in connemara, one I’ve raced before but hopefully I’ll be in better condition this year than the last time about 5 years ago. It will be a bit of a fast first race of 2020 but with some cross country in February and all the running on the beach here, I should be up to speed!

Then it’s on to the little one for the year on the 7th of April. I’m heading to Lesotho, South Africa, with Team Moxie Racers for Expedition Africa, a 4 to 6 day Adventure race in one of the hilliest, high altitude African countries there is. Mountain biking, hiking/running, kayaking, horse riding, abseiling, swimming and who knows what else awaits. Some of the top AR teams will be taking part from all around the world and I feel lucky to be involved with one of the Irish ones. Lots to follow on this but it will be some experience.

A few hilly views.
Mountain biking to kite beach! 

After Africa I will have to judge how the body is for May, maybe throwing in the Burren marathon if I recover well, but the main event for the summer is Lavaredo Ultra trail on the 27th of June in the Dolomites, Italy. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a long time! 125km in the heat in the mountains, sure what could possibly go wrong.

Gonna throw myself into the epic 50km Seven Sisters early August and then hopefully head to Chamonix at the end of the month, to train, not race this year, and crew for my good friends Shaun Stewart in the UTMB and Sinead Keogh in the CCC. A fun week to end the summer no doubt. Between all this I might have to work, a lot, but let’s hope it’s a good year. All going well I’ll throw another ultra in as 2020 draws to a close, at least one!!

As they say in Cabo Verde, NO STRESS 😉

My hill for some vertical stuff, off the beach for a few minutes! 

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