Very quickly, What’s up next?

The most common question in the world of running! What’s up next? Sometimes it is as if what you have just finished means little unless you have a plan ahead. Of course there is almost always another goal but the most important thing following an endurance event is rest and recovery. I actually felt good a week after The Race but sometimes the body can fool us and I realise that there is no way I’m ready for big training yet. I will slowly build up to full capacity training over the next few weeks, but slowly is the key.

No pain, no finish! 

A win like The Race was incredible and these things don’t come around too often. It has to be something to savour and to remember forever. If I was to straight away start focusing on something else, I feel as if I’m losing some of the good feeling involved.

All this said I know anyone reading this is still asking, yeah yeah but What’s up next?!!

My previous plans for 2019 changed with changing countries and jobs a few times and I need a year with less travelling to races. The only real goal is TDS as part of the UTMB race series in Chamonix in August (see previous blog posts!). After this everything I do for the year will be with this goal in mind. I will train in blocks, race at the end of each block, but treat the races as long training sessions, trying to not break myself along the way!

A rough guide is train, run hills (lots of hills), race and repeat this for 20 weeks until race day! Easy! I hope to run the Burren Marathon in May, The Wicklow Way Race 127km, in June and the Seven Sisters Skyline 50km in July. These mostly trail races will be the perfect distances in the build up for TDS, all going well!

Check out the Wicklow way blog from 2017 here. Not my greatest hour but it really shows how you can improve in a short space of time. The Wicklow Way was the first time I ran more than 70km in one go. Even though I suffered all night and day it was still a confidence booster to finish and see what my body and mind could endure. I said never again but I have a point to prove with those little yellow men on the Wicklow Way.

2 thoughts on “Very quickly, What’s up next?

  1. Congratulations on the win in The Race I was in your general vicinity on the half marathon section where I went out too fast and suffered accordingly afterwards. I really felt I didn’t do myself justice but knew I would pay the price of too fast a pace. I would love to give WWWay but sometimes I feel I’m too wary of the challenge I suppose you should be not afraid to fail. Is The Race experience something that would hold me in good condition for a tip at the WWWay?

    1. Well done in The Race. Some siege of a race!!
      No doubt it would Sean. I did the wicklow way off the back of a few heavy months racing and training in 2017. I’d say rest up well now and get a good block of training done for 6 weeks. The pain is similar, it’s a tough run but if you’ve your nutrition down and pace yourself accordingly youl be fine.
      The first 40km is tough and the hilliest section so don’t bust a gut here and endurance will kick in later 👍

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