Sunny Bristol


The Sun shines on another trail run.


The sun continues to shine with only a few grey days since the 1st of May. It really seems like an eternity ago that we ran the Transvulcania Ultra and I can safely say that I am only fully recovering in the last few days. I have been able to run and train, apart from a bit of a quad niggle that was annoying my knee and my usual big toe pain. I was never at full tilt since the event and still feel I need to hold off just a little before a big training load. In saying that I’m heading to Exmoor again on Saturday for a trail marathon. Ah sure why not, it’s really just a long run on the weekend, right? It will give me an idea where I am at in the lead up to the Snowdonia Trail Marathon in July.


Crazy runner!

The last two weeks have been busy with a trip to Donegal for the annual Arranmore football tournament thrown in. Yesterday was a great day out on a local trail here in Bristol for a 15km jaunt. Myself and Emma are enjoying exploring these national trails and it was great to find a gorgeous and hilly trail loop only 30 minutes drive from the house. The trail was hilly in parts with nice long fast sections as you can see in the photos above. The trail can be found in Somerset in a place called Rowberrow. A tiny little village with a nice pub, parking and easy trail access. what more does anyone need! We met hikers, bikers and a huge number of horses en-route. It is real horse and rabbit countryside with woodlands mixed in. Some really nice old forests were welcome shade after sweltering out in the open for long periods of the trot!


Horses on the hillside.



Mueller on the Beach, and a slightly cheesy grin!!

I’m pretty sure it was “The Mueller’s” first time on a beach yesterday. After our run we were both mad for a swim so off to the coast to Brean where the beach can be seen for miles. Apparently the longest set of Sand dunes in this part of the world. The beach allows cars, which I’m not totally sure I agree with, but luckily it is so long they get gobbled up pretty quick. We went for a nice swim, after a strong coffee, and chilled out in the sunshine for a while before hitting back to the big smoke. A nice training day in the lead up to a longer day out next Saturday. We hope to camp pretty much at the start line of the race and spend a few nights there over the weekend.


Mr. Sandy Back!

I hope to chat soon about plans for possible UTMB 2019 draw options, the thoughts of maybe taking on ‘The Race’ in 2019 and any other ideas people might have. It is the number one goal to remain motivated and hopefully seek to improve.







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