Easter in the mountains

I spent 3 hours of my Easter weekend in the mountains of Connemara, The Ben’s once again were calling. I ran/hiked the Ben’s Horseshoe route on what was a cracker of a day. The route I took includes 6/7 peaks maxing out around 708metres. The Ben’s are for hiking rather than running with tricky rocky ground underfoot and some steep ascents and descents thrown in for fun. The foothills are slippy and boggy with bog drains and streams making the terrain difficult to run but still possible at times. My plan was to hike up hard, survive injury free downhills and soak up the views at every opportunity. This blog will be a photo op more than a story today as I think these photos tell a thousand stories.

One of the Ben’s looking West

My lunch break was great around the half way mark. I calculated I was halfway at an hour and a half and it was time for a newly cooked ham sandwich. The view from my resting point wasn’t bad.

My feet ruined this one but Inov 8 runners held up well.

A quick swing around in the other direction and well what can you say!

Lough Inagh and the Turks in the background, our hunting ground last weekend on the MDC!

And then a look along the peaks I still had to knock out before the end of my afternoon..

This believe it or not is the more runnable section!

I reached one of the peaks to hear a guy call my name and ask me where there was any good kayaking up here! It turned out to be the guy I recently sold my kayak to. There were only 6 people on the section of the Ben’s I was passing through and I happened to know one of them.

My day on Suunto Watch

It took me 3 hours to cover the 14.5km section of the Ben’s, good moving considering the terrain and 1500metres of ascent. The high point of the day was the sun and the views as well as lying back on the floor of the camper on my return, with the heat of the sun shining through the back doors. A little piece of bliss after some hard training.

Couple of snow showers kept me company.

A good weeks training with around 13 hours of training and a couple of long runs, finishing off with 18km club run on Sunday. Lets hope this leads into a good run in the Maurice Mullins 50km next Saturday. An Irish Mountain Running Association race.



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