Olive goes to Bristol

Our cat, Olive, was next to emigrate and that meant a long journey to Bristol last week. I had a busy week prior to the trip, managing to train throughout, just about, and then Emma arrived over on the Thursday evening before we set off on a 16 hour journey for our new home in Bristol.

Busy boat in March

The journey was a daunting one with a very sensitive cat that hates travel. She was very upset for the first few hours but soon calmed down and made it in one piece. It is always a big change when you move house and it was sad to leave a place we had made home for four years. This change is one I hope to embrace and hopefully I can add some nice adventures to the blog along the way. The Mueller was terrific for the trip, filling it with boxes of belongings and we sailed from Rosslare to Fishguard on the only weekend of decent weather in weeks.

I returned last Tuesday on another 15 hour trip to Galway to work for a few months before I move over in May, the week before Transvulcania Ultra. I have managed some long training runs, both with the club and in the hills, dragging myself out in the bitter cold on a number of occasions. The blog has taken a bit of a hit the last three weeks, but I hope to get back up and running now with lots of busy weekends ahead. We have a training marathon in Connemara next weekend, the Maurice Mullins 50km early April and the build up to La Palma in May.

It has been a cold winter, for our damp Irish bones, but nasty weather tests our ability to get out and train regardless. I enjoy that feeling of completing my training when challenged by the elements.


I recently purchased a pair of Inov 8 Mudclaw 230 trail runners. I will do a full review on these soon. I bought the Mudclaws for soft ground running, grip on slippy rocks and the big toe box that they have. This has already helped the problems I have had recently with my big toes and a change of shape in my foot due to the distance running. So far they are comfortable but I am undecided if I like them more than my usual Salomon’s. I will clock up more miles in them and decide a bit later. Shoe choice is an interesting issue, one that is really a personal option but I do believe in certain shoes for the suitable terrain.

Mudclaw’s in action

Trail running in Doon this weekend, it was freezing in those bitter easterlies.


A recent run on Knockma, maxing out the heart rate on the steep hill.


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