Croagh Patrick never gets easy

A fun ascent on the quiet side of this great mountain.

Apologies for the poor phone footage above but the weather was stormy. We made the unanimous decision to go to an easily followed track last weekend. We decided on Croagh Patrick and to make the most of a stormier day. Rachel Nolan brought along some of her training buddies. Scott, Deirdre and Frank were great fun and we pushed up Croagh Patrick as fast as the legs would go. I felt pretty good considering a heavy training week before hand and was on the summit in less than 38 minutes. We went down the trail to the West, a more gradual mountain trail than the worn, overused trail in the north side from Murrisk. The day was mild, windy, with cloud on top, but overall it was safe. The video above gives an idea of the wind and the ascent on the less familiar western side. Once up and over and down the far side I doubled back to lengthen my time on legs and went up and down in just over an hour to arrive back to the camper, The Mueller, very tired but satisfied with a good training and a fun day out. It was great to run with this gang, a real hardy bunch. Hopefully we will spend some longer days on the mountains in the future.



Croagh Patrick in the mist.


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