Spin it Out and Suck it Up

You may be wondering what this strange title is about? The past couple of weeks have been a bit strange with some good training, some sickness and an unusual toe injury but after some stress and anger about the timing of my injury I decided to just hop on the cross trainer and the bike, work hard and suck it up. I am lucky to be able to train at all and a minor toe injury will pass, hopefully in time for the Dorset Ultra in 11 days!

I am currently working on some mini foam rolling of my toe as well as getting physio to try to work out the problem. It means lots of time spent in the gym. I think alot of people see injury as a rest period but very often we can work on our strength and endurance as long as we don’t activate the injury more. This is my theory at the moment anyhow. I am not saying rest is a bad thing during injury, it is definately needed, but apart from the fact that I am probably addicted to exercise, it also keeps my head in the right place to get through the injury.

The days are shorter all of a sudden and training gets harder at this time of year, but with good motivation alot can be achieved in the gym and out and about at weekends. I think everyone should have a winter goal to get them through the darker, wetter days and for me this goal, for now, is the Dorset Ultramarathon.  As I mentioned before if I finish I will have my 8 points to enter the draw for the CCC Mont Blanc next year. The 5 points gained in Wicklow Way race along with my possible 3 in Dorset give me this chance. Whether my toe will allow this to happen or not is another story yet to be told.


A recent long run in Bristol by the Avon River.

I hope that the good year of injury free racing and training along with some good cross country races of late will give me the strength to finish and even enjoy myself in Dorset. The recent Mourne race was not my greatest day out but it should of helped me, if not physically, definately mentally.


An uphill section towards the end of a recent cross country run. Great to wear the Castlegar AC singlet.

Running and especially my recent ultrarunning adventures can be a lonely sport. The cross country and team running events are very refreshing after long hours of running trails alone. The team and club spirit on a cold and wet morning at the weekend, running through ankle deep mud and falling across the line after 8km is just amazing. Thanks to all at Castlegar ac for introducing me to this new invigorating side to the sport.

I hope to do a pre Dorset race plan blog and blog to say that my toe is ready for the off. My only consolation at the moment is that i think the rest of me is ready and if I have to hop on one toe I hope to make that finish line!


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