Recovered and ready for off

It is over two weeks now since The Race. It has been a really interesting recovery. This race was far further than anything I have accomplished in the past, therefore the recovery was going to be different and longer. In the end I only really fully stopped for three days. My reason being that we need to keep moving, movement helping the muscles to heal faster. I gradually brought my training back and last Sunday I played a full 90minute soccer match and for the most part felt really good. So what is the key to fast recovery?

In my opinion fast recovery is down to, being fit going into the event, fuelling well during the event and post event, rest, eat and hydration are key. The day after The Race my quads were completely shot. Walking was difficult and stairs were really painful. I didn’t sleep well the night after event either. The next few days things improved rapidly and I slept at every opportunity. I was back to running slow 5-6km around town by the following week and managed lots of swimming and a little spinning on bike.  The swimming seems to be the perfect recovery activity, activation all the muscles, under no resistance. That along with one of my favourite things, sleep, I’m back to myself and ready for another challenge or two in April.

First of all myself and David from work are going to take on the Paris-Roubaix cycle as mentioned in previous posts. The link can be found by clicking above or below. This will give you a feel for the trip ahead. I will blog as we take on this adventure and keep you updated on our survival rate during this tough 172km race over cobblestone.

From Paris-Roubaix on the bike to Ireland on foot. The next challenge is a big one. The High Peaks Challenge FKT (fastest known time). Myself and Shaun Stewart are really looking forward to this one. There are talks of an Irish record and a possible Guinness book of records entry, but lets take it one step at a time. No doubt we are determined and we have a crew and a half behind us from a county I know for grit and determination, Donegal!

The challenge will see us and our crew of Arthur McMahon, Denis Ferry, Leslie O Donnell, Paul Doherty, Rory Kennedy and Grace Ann McGarvey, drive from one mountain base to the next, covering 26 peaks and the entire island of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The reason for 26 peaks rather than 32 is due to a few mountain peaks bordering two counties at the top.

We will be using GPS units on the mountains and all safety gear we need. Our logistical team have vehicles and road routes mapped out and we will be carrying trackers that people can follow online. There are quite a few dot watchers out there at this stage. I’m known to get a little addicted myself from time to time!

The details of our challenge, estimated times by road and then on foot will be calculated shortly and details of our charities can be found on the Facebook page or below. We are aiming to raise money for two children’s organizations. These are close to both myself and Shaun and we hope an unusual event, and such a tough event will grab peoples attention. If you follow the High Peaks Challenge Facebook page closely all details of charites and dontaions will be released there and links updated in the coming days.

The provisional links to the charities are as follows,

Lakeview School, Play Therapy Galway.

Crumlin Children’s Hospital


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