It’s Almost time to Race

My blogging has been on standby of late. There are many reason but the main hindrance has really been training. I have had some long days and some shorter, lots of cold and rain, a little ray of sunshine here and there. All the training is stacked up now and I am on the first of two weeks tapering. Tapering is still a new thing for me and a strange thing at that, but I am handling it ok so far. One thing that is for certain is I’m feeling every little twist and pain I can posssibly experience since my taper started. It is like my body is asking, “why are you slowing down?”


One of the better mornings training in Donegal.

This photo was taken at the start line of the race. Lets hope it looks something like this next week!

So what exactly is ahead. Next Friday week I head for Donegal. The Race, kicks off Saturday at 5am. I have gone through the breakdown in previous posts but all the info can be found here,,  so I won’t go into too much detail. I have my training under me and now the logistics start. I have to figure out 4 transition boxes and all the kit for the runs and the bike in the next week. This all around a wedding in London this weekend. Just to make things interesting!

The race will be as much a battle of mind as it will body. I reckon alot depends on pacing yourself, fueling properly and most importantly having a positive mindset throughout. It will be a completely new experience and distance for me and I hope that I will learn as much racing as I have in the training. It has been great to train alongside a few top athletes in the lead up and to learn as I went along. I hope my post=race post will be an exciting one and one to share lots of moments of pain and suffering, as well as enjoyment.

My pre=race thinking goes something like this. I share this knowing some of my competitors will be having a read! This of course may all go out the window on the day. The conditions for a start will play a massive role but if they are reasonably good this will be the general idea.

23km Road run= 1 hour 43 minutes.

11km Kayak= 1 hour 35minutes

98km bike (extremely hilly)= 4 hours 30minutes

Muckish 5km climb= 1 hour

68km bike- 2hours 40 minutes

42km run- 4 hours 30 minutes

These figures are my best case scenario and in fairness with my first real endurance day going solo it may be an unlikely outcome. Never aim low though, aim where you want to be and if possible push through this barrier. A 16 hour finish would be fantastic and I would be over the moon with this. It all depends on how I feel on the day, how well my body takes on fuel and the weather conditions. The main thing for me and all my fellow athletes is that finish line.

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