A gym workout. 

​2016 has been a year of managing injury. In saying this I refer to my hip injury. I am almost sure this year’s injury, which transferred from my right to my left side was all due to a hip imbalance along with my glutes deciding to stop firing. I would be pretty confident that I have strengthened my glutes enough in the latter part of the year to take this pressure off my hips. Fingers crossed at least. In saying that it could be my hamstrings, IT band or even calves that are hampering my running but if you start to think of all the things that can go wrong then you are sure to find pain somewhere. 

Yoga seems to help and core work, lots of core work. I’ve spent the last 5 weeks doing far more strength work than ever. Plyometric exercises are important too. A basic gym session would include a circuit to try and activate and strengthen all muscles. I would have 4-5 stations. I will try give you an idea of my general gym routine. 

  • mat
  • Kettlebells
  • Trx
  • plyometric box
  • Wobble board

My circuit would then include 2 minutes on each station. The first I use a number of kettlebells depending on the exercise. This can vary between exercises but mostly squats and swings.The weight is totally up to yourself.

The second station is the trx where I work on planks, press ups, side lunges and side planks and numerous other trx moves. I integrate the wobble board here by using the wobbleboard with my hands while feet are in the trx. the majority of my time in the trx I spend with my feet in the handles. 

The third I use the plyometric box at 76cm for box jumps and also for jumping off and landing on one foot. This helps to strengthen the glutes as well as replicate downhill running.

The last station will involve either some skipping or just yoga stretches on the mat.As the other three stations were body weight and weighted it is good to take the pressure off for two minutes. this last station has involved almoat all glute stretches and strengthening moves this year! Three times around this circuit and you have a nice workout in the bag. Around the 30 minute mark as you can break between each time around the full circuit. 

Next up is an hour on the wattbike and a 20-30 minute run to cap off my gym routine. Obviously I am a little mad doing over 2 hours in the gym but it seems to be what is needed to stay at a good level and injury free. There are plenty days when a quick 30 minute or an hour session is all you can manage. On these days I just pick one discipline and go hard for the time I have. 

There are some good glute activation moves in the link below and my old friend Ali Kamenova is always worth a go if you feel like an energetic yoga workout. 


I spent some time out on the local bogs this week and came across some nice views. Ireland is amazing in sunny, frosty weather. It’s just a shame we don’t get lots more. 


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