From sea to summit to renville parkrun. A year apart. 

So many might think I’m about to say that a parkrun is such a small event compared to something like sea to summit adventure race..This is totally untrue as I found out in 2016. It has been a year of frustration, of injury and of some regrets, however on Saturday last I ran a 5km parkrun. For me this was a race against myself and a race to prove to myself I was coming back to full fitness. I achieved my goal and with that my confidence is returning. For others it may of been a personal best goal or just a way to get out for a Saturday morning. My point really is that it totally depends on you and where you are at different times of your life. A year ago I probably wasn’t much fitter than right now but I was in the right frame of mind to go out and win a 56km multi sport race. This Saturday it meant as much to me to come through a 5km run in one piece! I think it is so important for people taking part in sport to realise that goals change. Just because you have a period without training or with injury doesn’t mean you are going backwards. It can improve you, make you stronger and in my experience this year, it can teach you so much about yourself. 

The winter therefore continues to be a time to plan for 2017 and hope that bit by bit things will fall into place to take on some big events in the year ahead. 


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