Spartathlon 2016

Top class account of a truly amazing race by Eoin Keith. Well worth a read if you have a little time .

Eoin Keith

Legendary, a classic. Descriptions often used about events, but literally true in the case of the Spartathlon. It has a fantastic ancient and modern history. That, and its prestige lead to it being a race that is on most ultra-runner’s bucket list as a result.

The race originates in the ancient 2500 year old legend of Pheidippides, an Athenian courier who was tasked with running to Sparta to request help when the Persian armies landed at Marathon to March on Athens. He was reputed to have made the journey in a little over a day.

The modern history began when John Foden,  and several of his fellow RAF officers decided to see if they could recreate the journey by running from Athens to Sparta in under a day and a half, which they successfully completed. From this the race began.

Spartathlon Route Spartathlon Route

The first official running of the race was won by…

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