Back training and what is next?

It is a month since ITERA now and the main question I am asked is, What is next? My answer up until now was, I’m not really sure, but today I decided that I’m on the way back to full fitness and racing. It is time to pick a few events for the winter to lead into The Race in March. My basic plan for now is to train hard, work on my speed again, do some endurance session and keep healthy. I plan on plenty of strength and flexibility work along with physio and yoga throughout the winter. There is only one way to bounce back from disappointment and thats by continuing to improve from it. One thing I definately wasn’t going to do was stop training and feel sorry for myself while in recovery. This article gives you a feel for why. A well written piece explaining simply what happens to us when we stop or alter our training for whatever reason may be.

I decided to go back playing soccer for the season, being the old man in the team will be interesting but I reckon I can still keep up with the majority of the young bucks! The football training makes me recruit different muscles and is a nice outlet over the winter to mix things up training wise. I played three matches so far and have enjoyed them all. The gym and the watt bike will no doubt be a good friend during the wet months with some goals to improve on the bike coming into 2017.

I also hope to take part in some shorter AR races with Shaun in the next few months and statt to build more knowledge and skills in preparation for events in the future. I hope to take part in the NUI Galway 8km run next Saturday and on Sunday the Pieta House 100km charity cycle. A nice active weekend and I can test my speed on Saturday. Anyone around Galway should look at these two events.

The plan for this week will be to do a few good gym sessions with some football thrown in. I will try fit in a long run midweek but will save myself as best I can for Saturday. The 8km will give me a good indication as to how much training I have ahead of me this winter. No dount it will be a full packed schedual. There is the added question of my beloved Sea to Summit race in November. I have yet to make a decision, depending mostly on my downhill running which I will test over the next few weeks. If I can go pain free on the downhills I might give it a bash but I’m not fully confident I am where I was in terms of speed. If I decide to race I want to be at full tilt. So that is basically where I am for now and for the winter I hope to have more time to write and learn from reading other blogs. A great blog, always worth a read is Running on Healthy. It has some great articles and tips.

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