Itera Beckons

The last two weekends have been made up of mini training sessions after the long one in Wales. Some difficult terrain, lots of hill work, kayaking and a bit on the bike have me feeling ready to believe this race is very possible and I’m glad it’s getting closer. 

The view from Diamond Hill last weekend. 

Last week we tackled diamond hill and after the third ascent realised my knee still isn’t liking the descents. No problem going up but the loading coming down is the issue. This led to lots of strength work, well some strength work this week. A focus on my glutes with eccentric loading exercises, plyometrics and resistant band work.   I felt better today on our hike out in gleann, I’m hoping with more rehab the leg will hold up fine. The mixture of bike and kayak on top of the hikes will give the leg it’s rest time so should be no problem. 

Emma’s first kayak in a while. Not a bother. 

There is just over two weeks to the race. This means a focus on staying healthy and rested and spending some time, well alot of time figuring out logistics. I won’t get into this yet, however, in time I will fill ye in on what it takes to make the start of an expedition race of this magnitude! 

Hating selfies and looking tired at the top of the hill today. 

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