South Wales IKAT Team Thermatech training

I set off on my adventure on Friday afternoon flying from Knock to Bristol, meeting Kelly and Byron there and hitting for the hills of the Brecon Beacon’s for the night. The main aim of the weekend was to meet our team mates, get to know them and share ideas with them for the race. Of course a race plan would begin to unfold also!

At around 11.20pm we left the car and hit into the night. Headlights fully charged and Byron as main navigator we were in for some great trekking. The weather was poor with heavy mist and winds all night. As we made our way deeper into the hills the tracks meandered but good team work and navigation from Byron saw us through. Some 6 hours later the dawn arrived and now we could see about 30 metres, a slight improvement. 

After 15 hours we made the call to finish in another hour as we looped back to the car. I was starting to feel it on my feet, my longest hike ever, and my dodgy knee from early this year starting asking to stop. We arrived back at around 3.30 in the afternoon, completely zonked. I reckon the wet and cold really took it out of us, making the trek alot more difficult both mentally and physically.

Trekking through the ferns. 

We found a campsite and crashed by 7pm for the night, spent some time in Bristol the next day and I was home, exhausted, by 7pm on Sunday.

It has taken two days to recover and now I’m writing this blog in the middle of a mountain bike session. This has been a strange one, throwing in 40 minutes in the gym to get some core and trx in. Between that and the bike I’m feeling better today. Hard sessions need that extra recovery but keep on moving, I think that’s key. 

The mountain bike fully loaded for training this evening. 

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