Frogs on the run

There are days when you really have to drag yourself out to train. I doubt there is anyone that would disagree with this? Sunday was one of those days for me. The weeks have been tiring of late and the weather has been more winter like than the normal Irish wet summer!

I decided on a mountain bike and run session in Derroura woods where I would get some shelter from the atrocious conditions. The rain was as horizontal as possible and the wind was around a force 5 to 6. I managed to clip around on the mountain bike without any incidents in about an hour and twenty minutes. The trail was more like a stream with mini lakes along its course and I wondered how the run would go on the same course. I finished the mountain biking with a few hill repeats, going up as fast as I could with rest on the downhill.

A quick change of footwear at the car and off I went for the 18 kilometres on the trail. My legs were slow to get going. This was partly due to a tough bit of biking, but also the rain meant I was about twice my usual weight in water! I splashed my way around the course, missing out on a few happy frogs using the trail as their swimming and spawning ground. It was hard to imagine that I was training on the 10th of July. The majority of the time it felt like February. A few times I ended up shin deep in water, the only saving factor was the temperature was a balmy 14.5 degrees. I finished the run strongly with about 5km of fast running, a decent amount of this was downhill. A change of clothes at the car and I was on the road again, a good 3 hour session complete and hopefully the type of training that will go a long way. Three hours on a day like that has to be good for you! In Ireland you really do have to just get up and go. As one of my friends once said, “sure isn’t our skin waterproof”.


Looks like rain Ted!


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