The Silly Season

With less than 40 days to the ITERA race, I must have total focus on this event. So how do I focus? Well at the moment I can pretty much admit that I am struggling. I am working 50 plus hours a week, mostly at unsocial hours and in between these hours I need to sleep. I haven’t been able to train alot therefore I have to train well when I can. A mixture of long runs, short fast runs and today even some speed work are the best ways I can see of staying at a good level. I managed one watt bike session this week and hope to get out on the mountain bike  over the weekend as well as out for a paddle. Last weekend we fitted in a 5 hour hike in Connemara which was tough and enjoyable. The most impresive part of my training over the last two weeks, outside of the recent cycle events, has been my sleep deprivation training. Going to bed at 10pm, up at 1.30am and working until 2pm has been a regular occurence in recent weeks. Five sleepless days will be a stroll come August the 16th!


A recent dawn boat patrol, this is on the way home!

The next two weeks I plan on fitting in as much time kayaking and mountain biking as I can, with some hiking thrown in for good measure. We have planned a Team IKAT Thermatech training weekend in the UK to get the team together pre itera. This will be a big boost to our preparations. I would be lying if I said I was confident going into my first multi day race. At the same time I know I will have the right mentality to finish and my fitness is good. It is, however, a totally new experience and one both my mind and body has yet to endure. Can you ever fully prepare for a race this long? Maybe not, after all there are so many things that can go wrong. The one thing we intend to have right is a positive team attitude and maintain a strong team unit throughout. If we do this I reckon we might even do pretty well.

Here are some people, some locals from the west that are achieving their goals and kicking bloody ass this summer. They will be taking part in ITERA and I wish them luck as well.

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