Day 8 Truncoil to Srinagar

The final day had arrived. We were both sad to be finishing up but at the same time looked forward to the heat in the valley and a nice shower. We packed up and were ready for off by 9.30 once more.


The gang, minus one horse.

The snow had really started to melt over the last few days which really helped with our trek back doen the mountain. The weather was so good that we were losing layers by the minute over the first section of the trek. As we descended, which for me is harder than going up when hiking, we noticed the temperatures rising fast. A three hour trek brought us all the way to Naranag village and by lunch time we were back to where it all started.

After an extremely hairy car journey from Naranag to Srinagar, we arrived back to the houseboat. This car journey will never be forgotten as we sped downhill on narrow winding roads, being flashed by trucks while overtaking and basically scaring the crap out of both myself and Emma. All I could think of was, let me back up into the mountains and away from this madness of the human world. The feeling of coming from 4000 metres to almost sea level in a matter of hours probably made this car journey feel a little worse as well.

I won’t spend too much time summing up this trip. It really was the trek of a lifetime and opened up lots of ideas in my mind for some mountain running expeditions in the future. There are endless places to explore up here and I have no doubt I will be back.

Next up is Itera in August and since I came home I have been training as much as possible around some crazy work hours. I hope to do a long cycle on Sunday as support to Rachel Nolan and her friends as they attempt to cycle the entire Wild Atlantic Way in 7 days, averaging 300km a day!! Next week I race in the Challenge Galway on a relay team, 180km cycle around the Burren.



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