Day 6 Truncoil to Colsar Lake

Our bodies were tired after the long trek the day before but we still couldn’t wait for more adventure. After a sunny wash and nice morning we set off around 9.30 for todays trek. I knew nothing could possibly top our hike on day 5, but at the same time we would hike close to the base of Haramukh again. Unfortunately our guide had no sunglasses for seven hours in the snow the day before and was suffereing from almost snow blindness. This and a mixture of sitting beside a very smoky indoor fire in the shephard’s hut all night. In any case Mustafa would be our guide for the final two days to let Liyakat rest and get his eyes sorted.


Myself and Liyakat on Day 5. I had to throw this in here as one of my favourite photos of the trip.

Our hike took us from camp for about an hour and a half up the valley towards the southern base of Haramukh. The majority of the hike was uphill and on the snow but I was flying it over this terrain now as the legs got used it. The views in the snow towards the top were amaing and we reached Colsar Lake just in time for some juice and buscuits before heading back towards camp. We were back in about an hour with lots of downhill runniong and sliding on the snow. Today needed to be a short day as everyone was tired.



Emma sliding down the mountai, wishing she had her skis!

We spent the afternoon on the roof of the hut. Emma practiced yoga while I did some stretching and we went for a stroll on the trail in the evening to keep warm.


We met lots of locals carrying equipment back from the army camp today. A full days hiking carrying all the equipment from the camp as the army gets ready to move out. These people are amazing.


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