Day 4 Bucheri Top to Truncoil

Then there was snow!

Once again a long pack up of camp and gearing up of horses before setting off at about eleven. The trek today would take us up further and into the snow with the guide’s unsure as to how far we would get with the horses. They are unable to hike through snow with heavy loads. As we made our way along the trail we soon encountered snow and the horses were finding it difficult. We took all the gear off their backs to enable safe travel up the trail. The guides through the gear on their backs and carried it until the trail cleared of snow.


Mustafa, Liyakat and one of the horses. Tricky ground.

We through the gear back on the horses and made our way further until encountering quite alot of snow. I was given control of one of the horses but soon both me and the horse were thigh deep in snow, while all the horses struggled. A decision was made that we would become the horses. I through two massive bags of gear on my back and everyone grabbed a few bags to hike the last few hundred yards before we reached a clearing. There was a shepherds hut here where we could make camp, bring the horses back to safe ground where they could feed and have a rest ourselves.


A little piece of the area where the horses had to turn back. That is Haramukh Mountain in the background.

As you can see in the photo above there were very few trails made this year with the snow only beginning to melt. With this new found cold we had to keep moving all the time while camped in this area. This meant setting up a mobile gym with rocks and logs, going for long hikes between our really long hikes and drinking lots of tea. I even made a habit of hiking way dow nthe hill to use bathroom and running back up as fast as i could, a great warm up technique. On this first evening at Truncoil we hiked for an hour to a viewing point of Haramukh and the surrounding Himalayan mountains. The most spectacular place.


Lunch on top of the Shepherd’s hut.


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