Time Flies

It really has been a busy week. It seems only yesterday I was training out in Gleann and Derroura, yet here I am writing this and it is nearly Thursday. Life has been hectic, training, working a lot and then preparing for my Kashmir trip next week. I really think no matter how busy you are or wherever you are in life you need things to look forward to. Heading to Kashmir and seeing Emma for first time in three months sounds good to me. Not to mention the fact that we are going on a guided week long trek of the kashmiri mountains and lakelands, just to add some adventure to the trip. I hope to do plenty blogging on my travels and blog about more than my latest monotinous training sessions! Of course they are never boring when I’m out there but I’m guessing my blog posts have become a little similar of late. Don’t worry though, the summer is coming and the fun begins.
I did, however, throw some tasty things in the mix last weekend during my long session. I managed to hike a mountain carrying my mountain bike on my back. Not a huge one but a nice hike up. This is a major part of training for ITERA, which until now I have really managed to avoid.


On top looking towards Connemara.

Next up was a kayak in a force 5 hail storm in my little play boat on Lough Corrib and lastly I managed to run most of a 16km trail run in Derroura. The final achievement was of course my most rewarding after nearly four months of minding and repairing my injury. Patience is the name of the game. If I have a word of advice from this experience with injury, do what you can without causing pain and keep on moving every day.


On top of the hill after mountain bike, hike. Check out my new Salomon front pack with bottle holders, handy or what?!


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