Shooting stars, Badgers, Jupiter and Flash

Probably a questionable title for any blog post you might say. It does, however, sum up last Friday and Saturday’s training session.. We have been labelled as mad, headers, lunatics and many more things since I started these longer training sessions, and night events. There may be some truth in it but until you go out in the middle if the night cycling around the wilds of Connemara you won’t understand.


Here we are half way around the cycle.
On toilet breaks we saw shooting stars, we turned heads in little villages at 3am and even had a race with a startled badger along the way. He won. We spent a big portion of time searching the skies for Jupiter which was meant to be visible. I still can’t confirm any sure sightings. The company on the night was the best part with David, Sinead, Jacqo, Frank and Rachel all starting up songs and talking adventure race tactics and logistics.
After 130km through the night we set off on the Maam Turks for a hike. This was after a brief puncture change for David, two kilometres from home, during which i managed to drop and smash yet another phone !!
There were six of us taking part in the hike, however we all had different plans. I only had four hours so set off fast and covered half the course before coming off the mountains. A very brave Sinead and Frank finished the entire course, kicking ass for Team ARSE!


Just before the hike we took a photo with our teammate for the night Rachel Nolan. Rachel has a new adventure company doing guided trips around the West. She is taking part in Itera also and is a super athlete.
There were 200 or more people on the mountain and it was a  great atmosphere. A little different to my usual lonely trips up the Turks. I hope to get time to do the full course soon.
I sped home to get an hours sleep before heading up the road to Kildare to two great friends sten party (stag/hen). A part of training is of course sleep deprivation.


Yup that’s me Sprint training in my flash costume. My sister on the left kicked my ass. These guys really know how to throw a party.


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