Snowy Corrib in April

Last weekend’s training was very similar to the weekend before so no need to get into detail. A good 7 hour kayak, hike and bike on a crazy day weather wise. I had rain, wind, flat calm, storm, snow blizzard, and a sunny calm finish. Just try dressing for weather in the West! The snow on top of the mountain versus hwat from the Sun on a steep incline on the bike.


A real view.


My hiding spot !


The rainbows were fantastic but my phone didn’t quite catch them.

So this weekend we are planning a cracker. 135km road bike followed by the Maam Turks challenge. I will have to cut my hike a bit short with a party to attend but hoping to get 7 hours in or thereabouts on the mountains.
It is looking like my injury my have been a cyst or ganglion all along. There has been a fantastic improvement this week so lets hope it is on the mend.

It has been pretty much a week in the gym, working on bike, getting some light runs in, strengthening injury and even getting into the swimming. Swimming is becoming enjoyable for the first time ever. Isn’t sport just class.

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