Back to my routes

It was a real mixed bag of a week for training but I managed nearly fourteen hours, so I am starting to ramp things up a little. The kayaking and the mountain biking are new types of fun that mix things up nicely.  The worst part of my week apart from breaking a phone, getting a new phone which was a dud and then getting clamped for parking in an empty carpark, was that my running injury is exactly where it was 9 weeks ago. This is very strange and frustrating as I have been working on strength in areas I think are correct. I have had no issues on the tough hikes with short bog runs thrown in to test things out. Any prolonged running fires it up again. This may only be 2-3 kilometres.  There are a few possiblities as to the extent of the injury which I am not going to write about as my post will become depressing. In saying this I am going to talk about my kayak yesterday and my cycle today which were fantastic.

I did a lovely looped Kayak on the lower end of Lough Corrib yesterday. Apart from the fact that the wildlife is amazing this time of year, the weather was almost perfect. Various differetn species of wildfowl are gathering on the Lower Lake this time of year to start their journeys east to Russia and the Artic areas for the summer, therefore I was constantly surrounded while on the water. I maintained a nice average of 5.9km/h for 2 hours 43 minutes, paddling 15.7km in total. A nice spin to clear my head after cutting my run short due to pain in the morning. The lake didn’t know what hit it. Nothing like exercise to take out anger.

Today I decided to go on a spin South to Co. Clare and skim the Burren for a bit. I grew up in a little town called New Quay and came back by my old house and school on the way home to bring back some old memories. Always nice to return to a place where you have nothing but fun memories, especially after a crappy sort of week. The cycle, on the road bike of course, took me up some nice little hills and after 60km I was pretty tired. I could feel all that work on the watt bike after the winter paying off. Unfortunately having no phone and not bringing the gopro means I have no photos from what was a cracker of a day in Co. Clare.

It looks like we are back to the usual, broken, wet and windy weather from Tuesday onwards so bring on some real training this week!

The kayak,

The bike



2 thoughts on “Back to my routes

  1. What is happening with the running injury?

    Pop in and we can have a chat about it and see if I can identify what is happening & figure a solution.

    1. Hoping physio is getting there with it, seems its a connection of popliteus, it band and lateral quad .. builds up with impact . Up to 14 ish hours most weeks myself. Il pop in tomorrow morning all going well, even have voucher from Achill race for your place, not sure it’s even in date actually !!

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