A return to blogging on Paddies Day

A crazy two weeks to say the least. Along with some good gym sessions last week I took part in my first all nighter adventure race simulation session down in counties  Clare and Limerick. An amazing experience, physically not extremely hard but the fact you are training all night is the experience needed, not to mention the navigation. A huge thanks to the lads that organised it. Mike, Sean, Kate, Jacqo, Brian, Mark, Sinead, Peter and myself all slogged our way around a 16km hiking section before hitting the water for a 13km midnight kayak and finished with some biking and hike a bike on the hills. The advice from these more experienced multi racers is just what I need and a chance to learn the right way.  A more detailed course route can be seen in Sean’s video below!

My leg has started to improve and I am gradually increasing things. I have given more time to weighted squats, lunges, plenty kettlebells and trx this last two weeks and I hope it will pay off. I ran today on some pretty boggy ground with a full pack and felt only slight heaviness in the leg towards the end. Fingers and toes crossed it will be ok.

My session today took me out past Moycullen to the hills above Uggool near Cloosh. I decided to bike to the top of the first hill, ditch the bike and take off hiking across the bog, into some pretty awful terrain. There were bog holes, fallen forests, huge rocks and tall grass, which all added to the fun. I hiked and ran a little in an 8km loop taking around an hour and a half. There were tw onice climbs invovled so decent piece of training. It was an interesting experience with the full race pack but my new Osprey Talon pack is brilliant. Not a bad way to spend your paddies day and all I’d need is one pint to celebrate after today.

As can be seen in the pictures above, especially on the right, the terrain was tough today but the views were spectacular.

I got back to the bike and cycled the same route home, into a head wind so by the time I had the 25km home covered I was pretty much finito.


Start of the downhill, the biking up the hill was the training part, this is more the fun bit!

Start of my hike/run today.

Sean’s Clip of our session Saturday night/Sunday morning,




2 thoughts on “A return to blogging on Paddies Day

  1. Nice going on the bike session. Must hook up and head for the bog at Slieve Aughty for a bit of the same.

    Get used to throwing the bike on your shoulder and hiking with it 😉

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