Jetski, bike, still no run

I must admit this was one of the more enjoyable weeks at work, although freezing cold for jumping on and off of a jetski, it was great to be out there. All this bad weather training is of course beneficial to getting used to the wet and the cold while building a bit of an immunity to bad conditions. The week was busy due to the course so I was confined to gym sessions but managed five sessions on the bike including a two hour spin this morning before dawn. The Petzl Headlamp (, is amazing and I kept the Led Lenzer on the Bike to add to my visibility range. Either one would be fine but it was kinda fun blinding the few cars that were out early on a Sunday morning!


I took this on my way out of the trails in Moycullen as the sun was about to rise. I am slowly getting used to the MTB. Only fell off once today. Met a rock and a branch of a tree at the same time and landed in a bush.

My patience is wearing thin on the lack of running but I managed two really short jogs with no pain this week and will gradually increase that this week in order to test out the leg. The expertise from my neuromuscular massage therapist are leaning towards it most likely being an  imbalance or weakness in the Gluteus Medial muscle. I can feel this is weaker on the right than the left. I have been doing lots of balance work, stretching, leg raises and strength work this week and with a few weeks of this I should be able to balance things out a bit again.


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