Cold week off

As is often the case at the end of February in Ireland, cold weather dominates. This week, however, was alot sunnier than the last few months and with having some time off work I decided to get outside and cover some ground. I started the week with some mountain biking and finshed it today with a good spin on the kayak. It has been nice to train differently with the tendon issue hampering my running. I did a total of 5 hours kayaking over two outings on Lough Corrib. Today was a tougher session as I only covered 13km in two and a half hours. I managaed to cover 16km in the same time on Tuesday. This is an interesting observation of how both condiditons and current really slow you down on the water. It is the most peaceful type of training compared with the road biking where you are always so alert with traffic. I even managed to fish a little as I went along, although I think the fish were looking at me a little funny, wondering why I would venture out in such cold. The air and water temperatures are still around 5 degrees and with the wind it can be chilly out there


My paddle today on the vast open Lower lake of Lough Corrib

Most of my mountain biking session was on the road on Monday with little time to make it out to the hills or offroad. I hope to do this a bit more over the next few weekends and even get a night session or two in soon. I am slowly building up my distance on the bike and kayak, with the hope I will be back running next week. This has been my longest period out of running in years, but I am sure I will have built up a new hunger when I return.

Mountain biking on Monday evening. The first sign of sunshine in months!

Check out info on our  team IKAT and upcoming events here.

And to follow the race events more closely check out this page,

I will post in some detail as to our training ideas and my own thoughts on this new adventure really soon. For now I am still trying to get my head around the madness that is to come.




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