Still injured but learning

As I enter my fourth week without running, apart from the few times I checked to see was the injury still flaring up, I find myself realising I can alternate training so much more. I have spent the winter doing pretty much the same thing week in week out and now that the light is back there is a renewed energy in the air. I wasn;t home until six this evening from my cycle and it was still bright. I managed to get an hour and a half on the water, an hour on the mountain bike and a half hour yoga in today, before cooking a deadly stew this evening. Deadly as in really nice of course.

A random mix – brussel sprouts, asparagus, mangetout peas, garlic, mushrooms, a tin of chilly beans, three quarters of a bag of quorn pieces, four spoons of coconut oil, one spoon of chilly flakes, half a spoon of turmeric and a teaspoon of paprika) All this in a cast iron pot and cook for a half an hour. It might sound a little weird but it was tasty and nutritous!

So as I see it, as all injuries do, this injury is teaching me more about myself and how to combat injuries. The idea of sitting around waiting for it to heal just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. Being honest I think I probably made injuries worse in the past by sitting around, icing and elevating and the usual things we were told to do. Yes there is a time and place for this but once you can move, move. Get the blood flowing and start training in different ways. As this injury is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things it means I am still able to get out on bike and really push myself. I’ve decided to spend the next two weeks kayaking, cycling and doing some yoga. There will be plenty time for running.

The Itera Race is a go in August, our team is set and now the preparation begins. It may be six months away but this is far bigger than anything I have tried and I intend to be as prepared as possible. I will post in lots of detail soon as to our plans and will document the long training sessions we are going to put together for it. Fun times ahead.

Here is a link to a few bits of kit needed for the expedition races.

Just in case you didn’t catch my winter cycling and yoga sessions, these are some of the videos I follow online and I think they are a huge addition to indoor training.


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