Yoga week and ITERA

After a gruelling session with my physio on Monday we concluded that I may have an isssue with the tendon at the top of my calf. This meant a week of rest with some yoga and stretching thrown in to stay active, as long as there was no pain. Today is Thursday and you won’t believe it, I have listened to my orders and am just finished my thrid yoga session of the week with absolutely no other training. I think this was due, not to mention I had free time this week, very weird I must say. Check out Ali Kamenovas classes below for some top class yoga/core sessions. I swear by her sessions for anyone that runs or bikes in particular, as there are loads of poses specific to glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors and of course balance throughout.

I have referred to these yoga classes in posts in the past and feel they are well worth another mention.

Tomorrow I return to the gym, a light session on the bike and maybe a tiny bit of running to test things out. I expect all to be good but now is not the time to rush back either. A little bit of swimming may be the way to go.

The big news this week is that we are nearing entry to the ITERA expedition race 2016, part of the world series adventure racing calender. We have put together an international team, with two Kiwi’s coming on board to add experience and endurance to us Irish speed merchants. Exciting times ahead and a serious goal is now set for 2016. My first multi day race and boy am I going to have to dig deep to train and learn how to get myself through this one. As I see it I love team sports and I love adventure racing, so why not compete in an adventure race on a team! I will go into more detail for what is involved once the final decisions are made on entry. Until then it is time to get moving again and try sort out these winter niggles.




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